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How will we connect?

​Step 1: Complete the booking process below.

Step 2: We’ll connect Via Zoom or In-Person.

For Zoom please send me FOUR well-lit photos by email.



1. Full Face - smiling

2. Full Face - not smiling


3. Right Profile / Ear

2. Left Profile / Ear

FREE Blast Your Money Blocks Consult
15 min

Melissa L

Dallas, Texas
"Sherron's face reading of me shared accurate details regarding my personality as well as my personal and professional motivations. The health-related feedback provided me with insights that I committed to focusing on fixing so that I could be a healthier version of myself. I'm still amazed at how accurate the insights were just from evaluating the characteristics of my face. If you are seeking validation of who you are or how you are perceived by others or want insights on opportunities to improve your health, reach out to Sherron!"

Joris C.

Bevern, Netherlands
"I received a face reading in February 2017 from Sherron. At that moment just starting with the education. She did a great job reading and analyzing my face; she knew to hit my emotional weak spot in a few minutes. For me, it was the start of positive changement in my life. So...many thanks to you, Sherron!"

Rhonda F.

San Antonio, Tx
“I have worked with Sherron for the last several years. She has been studying many types of holistic approaches to living a happy, healthy life and how to improve the lives of others. She has performed reiki on me and my husband and it was wonderful. She also done face reading for me and it was spot on. she is truly talented and gifted in these areas. Amazing! ”
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