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Golden Path - Find Your Purpose Workshop

The Chinese believe that we inherit talents, gifts, and abilities from our ancestors and by using them we are on our Golden Path. The winds of life can blow us in different directions and we lose touch with the purpose we are here to fulfill. There is a way to know if you're on the path and what your path truly is. When we are on our path, the Chinese call it "wu wei" which means "doing without doing". In this class, learn how to find or rediscover your golden path. Uncover who you are, mine the talents and abilities within you, weave together your life experiences, and understand why you are here. Determine what you can manifest in the world. Program for ages 18+  Bring photos from all ages to class.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

9am - 1pm


NISD Adult & Community Education

6632 Bandera Rd, Room C-106

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