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What Is 5 Element Coaching?

Five Elements and How They Relate to Face Reading and Coaching

The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and are believed by the Taoists to be the fundamental aspects of everything in the Universe.  In Chinese Face Reading, shapes and alignment of facial features determine which of the Five Elements is dominant in a person and most people have 1-2 others that play a significant part in personality, behavior and character. 

One could say there is more to the face than meets the eye and in some ways that's true, because often it's not enough to know what our innate strengths and challenges are. It's also useful to have strategies to reach goals faster and more effectively and coaching can help. FIVE ELEMENT COACHING is especially helpful in balancing the FIVE ELEMENTS for a happier, more productive, fulfilling life. 

The FIVE ELEMENT CYCLE, to the side, shows the Creative Cycle with clockwise arrows between the ELEMENTS. The inner arrows show the Destructive Cycle.  Here's how the ELEMENTS interact in the Creative Cycle:   WATER feeds WOOD to make it grow, WOOD fuels FIRE, FIRE makes ashes to create EARTH, EARTH produces METAL and METAL when melted becomes WATER.  Here's the Destructive Cycle:  WATER extinguishes FIRE, WOOD depletes EARTH, FIRE melts METAL, EARTH blocks WATER and METAL cuts WOOD.

Depending on your unique make up of the FIVE ELEMENTS, with FIVE ELEMENT COACHING we can determine how to balance them by determining how they support or hinder each other. 

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