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Body Code

Jade Institute-Body Code
  • Got Pain? Suffering from illness or discomfort?
  • Ready to uncover the root cause, and release it as well as negativity blocking Creativity, Prosperity, and Loving Relationship?
  • BODY CODE® works to release and reset mind/body imbalances in the areas of Circuitry, Energetics, Pathogens, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Structure and Toxicity.
What is the Body Code?

The Body Code is an energy healing modality that uncovers and releases energetic imbalances in the body through the power of the subconscious mind.  It releases imbalances that can negatively affect us in many aspects, often presenting as chronic pain, illness, and limiting beliefs, such as, “I’m never enough” and many other ways.

The Body Code Process

Have you ever picked up a bad mood by being around someone else in a bad mood? Are you just happier when you’re around some people?  Both instances are due to energy which affects our minds and bodies.  Our physical bodies, as well as our minds, are affected by both negative and positive energy.  When there is an imbalance in the body caused by negative energy it can prevent energy from flowing freely which results in pain, illness, a general malaise and many other physical symptoms. Through the power of connecting with the subconscious mind, the Body Code releases emotional baggage that gets trapped in the body. 


Restore energetic balance by removing Trapped Negative Emotions, Traumas, and more.


Rebalancing the energy systems of the body, energy circuits of the organs and glands and chakras, as well as, the connection of the spirit body and physical body and the acupuncture meridians. 


Toxic agents that often do not show up with other modalities can be identified and addressed with Body Code.


Both physical and energetic pathogens can be identified by Body Code, and necessary remedies to rid them from the body.

Structural/ Misalignments

Body Code can non-invasively and gently restore stability to the physical body by rebalancing bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles, and nerves.

Nutritional / Lifestyle

Body Code can pinpoint nutrient deficiencies, imbalances such as dehydration, magnetic field excesses, and deficiencies, as well as suggested foods, herbs, and essential oils to restore mind/body balance.

Body Code® Consultation

15 min

Body Code® Single Session

Single Session

Body Code® Package of Three

Three Sessions

Body Code® Package of Ten

Ten Sessions

“I just finished another successful Body Code session with Sherron. Each one is amazing and therapeutic. I am dealing with heart, kidney and stomach issues, and each session chips away at the stuck negative emotions relating to these illnesses.  I love it when we get to the energy layers and dig deep beyond the physical plane to release stuck emotions from relationships, as well as residues from pathogens, viruses, toxic substances and other imbalances.

It is a fascinating process.  Totally painless, and I am feeling so much better!  ”

Jeana W. Galveston, Texas

Jade Institute
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