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Face Reading Consultation

Face Reading Consultation
Face Reading Consultation

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What is Chinese Face Reading?

  • CFR has developed 3000+ years ago.

  • The Emperor wanted to know whom to send into battle to keep him in power.

  • CFR became part of Chinese Medicine when it was discovered health could be read on the face.

  • The first school of CFR was established around 400 BCE.

  • CFR then and now is used to understand personality, temperament, and likely behavior.

  • Today it is used by Business and Legal professionals, as well as Eastern and Western Healthcare professionals.


What Chinese Face Reading is NOT


  • It is NOT Fortune Telling.

  • It is not to be used to stereotype, profile, or judge others.   

Learning Face Reading will have a very positive impact on your relationships, both personal and business.  When you "speak the other person's language," rapport is more easily established, conflicts can be avoided or more easily resolved, and communication is more effective. You'll learn from 3 Master Teachers of Chinese Face Reading, which has developed over the last 3000+ years through observation.  Learn this fascinating skill and enhance your personal and business intelligence.  1 hr weekly for 6 weeks and a short practicum for certification.

Learn what wrinkles and lines on the face mean, which areas of the face are related to the five major organ systems, and how to identify health from skin coloring.  You'll also learn the color of your "spirit" which will help you feel grounded, calm, and connected, and how to identify it for others. 

“I have worked with Sherron for the last several years. She has been studying many types of holistic approaches to living a happy, healthy life and how to improve the lives of others.

She has performed reiki on me and my husband, and it was wonderful. She also did face reading for me, and it was spot on. She is truly talented and gifted in these areas. Amazing! ”

Rhonda F. San Antonio, Tx

Jade Institute

How will we connect?

  • ​Step 1: Complete the booking process below.​

  • Step 2: We’ll connect Via Zoom or In-Person.

Photos need for the Zoom session:

  1. Full Face Smiling

  2. Full Face, Not Smiling

  3. Right Profile

  4. Left Profile

  5. Right Ear

  6. Left Ear

  7. Forehead with hair pulled back

  8. Forehead with hair pulled back and eyebrows raised

Face Reading Consultation
Face Reading Consultation
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