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  • Chinese Face Reading was developed 3000+ years ago

  • It is said that the Emperor requested to know whom he could trust to keep him in power

  • CFR became part of Chinese Medicine when it was discovered health could be read on the face

  • First school of CFR was established around 400 B.C.E

  • CFR then and now is used to understand personality, temperament, and likely behavior

  • It is used today by Business and Legal Professionals, as well as Eastern and Western Healthcare Professionals.



Health: Reveals clues to longevity and current or potential health issues through "colorations" and markings on the face.


Business and Career:  Helps hiring managers select better candidates for jobs and job seekers to identify manager's characteristics. Helps employees in conflict find ways to resolution agreeable to both.  Also, helps identify one's character and personality traits for a more fulfilling career (Golden Path).


Relationships: Identifies characteristics, likely behavior and what is most important to individuals for better understanding, conflict resolution and enjoyment.


Self:  Helps determine inherent strengths and challenges for better health, career choices, wealth potential and what I feel is its greatest use: how to be more "ourselves" and appreciate our inherent gifts!

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Sherron Hughes
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I've always been interested in the healing arts and have several certifications, including Nutrition, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Reiki and Reflexology, as well as a Bachelor's of Business Management.  I discovered Face Reading some 20 years ago through an attorney who used it for jury selection.  Later, I discovered that Face Reading originated in China several thousand years ago and I started studying with a Master Teacher.  Immediately, I recognized its value as I observed buyer behavior during my 30 years in corporate sales.  I believe it is one of the  best tools for understanding ourselves and others and to  enhance our relationships, whether personal or business.  I will look forward to giving you a personal consultation or seeing you in one of my CFR classes.  ~Sherron Hughes, MCFR
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