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This woman could excel at customer service

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Do You Ever Feel Like This?

Wish you felt more confident?

Are you in a job you hate but don't know what else to do?

Wish you could find a compatible partner?


  • CFR was developed 3000+ years ago.

  • The Emperor wanted to know who to send into battle to keep him in power.

  • CFR became part of Chinese Medicine when it was discovered health could be read on the face.

  • The first school of CFR was established around 400 BCE.

  • CFR then and now is used to understand personality, temperament and likely behavior.

  • Today it is used by Business and Legal professionals, as well as Eastern and Western Healthcare professionals.


What Chinese Face Reading Is NOT 

  • It is NOT Fortune Telling.

  • It is not to be used to stereotype, profile or judge others.  

About Sherron

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Sherron Hughes, MCFR

I've always been interested in the healing arts and have several certifications, including Nutrition, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Reiki and Reflexology, as well as a Bachelor's of Business Management.  I discovered Face Reading many years ago when I was in Corporate B2B sales. It helped me understand potential customers better and establish rapport more easily.   When I discovered that Face Reading originated in China several thousand years ago and I started studying with a Master Teacher.  I believe it is one of the best tools for understanding ourselves and others and to enhance all our relationships, whether personal or business.  

Since health issues can be “read” on the face, all I could offer my clients who exhibited health issues, was a referral to their physician or acupuncturist. Then I discovered Emotion Code and Body Code. Now I can help them find the underlying causes of health issues and release the trapped negative emotions responsible for most of them.  I will look forward to giving you a personal Face Reading Consultation, sessions in Emotion Code and/or Body Code or seeing you in one of my Face Reading classes.   



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