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Belief Code

Ready to release negative programs and limiting beliefs and create more space in your subc

What is Belief Code?

The Belief Code is designed to remove negative belief systems in the subconscious mind that keep us stuck, unable to set and reach goals and even sabotage our best life.

Beliefs are subjective views held by the subconscious mind that something is either right or wrong, true or false.  This becomes the filter through which we view and experience life. 


Underlying erroneous, negative beliefs are negative programming, limiting beliefs, faulty core beliefs, faulty core identities, broadcast messages, images, trapped negative emotions and more.  


Through muscle testing, we can identify the beliefs that are holding you back and realign your subconscious mind with your Higher Self to accomplish your goals and dreams. 



Belief Code was NOT designed to change your empowering beliefs, nor change your beliefs regarding religion, politics or any other belief system you value.  We work strictly to remove beliefs that are limiting and hindering your well-being.​

Belief Code® Consultation

15 min

Belief Code® Package of Ten

Ten Sessions

Belief Code® Single Session

Single Session

Belief Code® Package of Three

Three Sessions

Belief Code® Package of Six

Six Sessions

The Imbalance

What physical, mental, or emotional issues are you experiencing?

Each client has unique needs and issues in their life, which is why the Body Code is tailored to meet those specific needs. This can be any issue or symptom that is disrupting your life; depression, anxiety, back pain, migraines, self-sabotage, lack of self-love, and blocks from success. Through a series of intuitive guided meditations and dynamic energy-clearing techniques, the body will release stored trauma, negative emotions, and beliefs that prevent you from being happy.

The Muscle Test

The subconscious mind will guide us to the root cause of the energy imbalance by asking it yes or no questions.

You may have heard the expression “The truth will set you free.” This is true in more ways than one. Our bodies have a built-in lie detector; when you say something true or positive the muscle is strong and if you say anything false or negative the muscle goes weak.


We'll narrow down the energy imbalance to a specific category.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide you with a full picture of your situation, including all factors that may be contributing to your energy imbalance categories such as Emotional Wellness, Body System Balance, Toxin Resolution, Pathogen Resolution, Structural Balance, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Questions are asked by the subconscious mind to help uncover the age and event that caused the energy imbalance.

The Associated Imbalance

Once we have decoded the energy imbalance, we'll ask the subconscious mind if there are other imbalances that need to be identified.

Sometimes there are other imbalances that are contributing to a problem. We would repeat Step Three to identify any other imbalances as they arise in your body until the list has been exhausted and then we would proceed with Step Five.

Releasing The Energy

The exact Trapped Negative Emotion, causing an imbalance in the body’s energy system can be identified through applied kinesiology (muscle testing).  It is also possible to find the age and type of trauma which caused it.  Then the emotion causing distress in the mind/body can be released and reset through a quick, easy, and painless magnetic system.

During the process of clearing energy, we will release or reset the imbalance one by one by swiping a magnet down the meridian a few times and using positive intentions. We will muscle test to confirm that the imbalance has been corrected.

Recently within a short 6-month duration, I progressively went from an intermittent pain &
discomfort level of 1 out of 10 to a chronic pain level of 7-10 in multiple areas of my body which
mimicked the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Forced to drop my clinical workload from 48 to 16
hours/week because of pain, I resorted to a handful of alternative therapeutics including
chiropractic, electric stimulation, and myofascial release but they did not make any significant
difference. For the last 30 days I could barely walk. I began to suspect emotional involvement
and so I desperately searched for a certified practitioner in the Emotion-Body Code system.
I had previous knowledge about Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion & Body Code systems prior to
meeting Sherron, but never experienced the psychosomatic therapeutic benefits of them. After
several sessions along with some of Sherron’s other skill sets, we were able to get to the root
cause of the problem and eliminate 95% of the pain. I can now walk again! Had I come to her
first, I would have saved over the $1400 I spent on alternative approaches. Thank you, Sherron,
for putting me back on the road to recovery! I will never underestimate the power of the body
to heal itself when the obstacles (trapped emotions) are removed.

Rick G. - San Antonio, TX

Jade Institute
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